Puma Heavy Duty Asphalt

Same day green concrete blade is laser welded, so you can run it wet or dry. Carbide undercut protection prevents premature core wear.


Puma Premium Asphalt

Our most popular asphalt blade for small walk behinds and quickie saws. Every fourth segment is 1∕2" deep for undercut protection. Unique core design allows for maximum stock removal.


Supreme Green Concrete

The Jaguar diamond blade is specifically designed for next day green concrete. The segments are placed closer together on this blade then a standard diamond blade which will prevent chipping.


Puma Professional Asphalt

This blade is designed and engineered for a high horsepower walk behind saw from 35–72 HP. Our high grade diamond concentration will provide maximum performance when cutting abrasive aggregate asphalt. Laser welded up to 30".