Lynx J-Slot

Like the Lynx LPMC the J-Slot has an improved reinforced core. Due to the unique laser cut J's this blade will remove slurry faster and is less likely to glaze. It delivers a very fast precise cut on porcelain and granite tiles.


Lynx Professional

We have engineered the LPMC to be one of the most accurate cutting blades on the market today. The blade has been improved with a reinforced center, which will reduce deflection and wobbling. This professional grade cutting blade delivers an extremely accurate and clean cut on a variety of materials.


Lynx Turbo Porcelain

This blade is designed to dry cut porcelain. It offers an excellent cutting speed and life versus a conventional tile blade.


Profile Wheel

Designed to put various radius on ceramic, porcelain, and granite tiles. Fits on almost all 8" and 10" wet saws.


Turbo Hole Saw

Provides excellent cutting speed and life versus an electroplated hole saw. It has a 3/8" shank so it will fit on any standard drill. Removable pilot drill ensures accurate holes.


Wet Polishing Pads

Velcro backing for quick and easy changing of your hand polishing pads. The 4mm thickness delivers an outstanding life. Manufactured with diamond impregnated resin. This gives the pad outstanding flexibility and will deliver a high gloss finish without discoloring the stone.


Dry Polishing Pads

Ideal for jobs where water is not accessible. Dry polishing pads give you the option for polishing an edge without water. Great for touch ups that have to be made in the field



A convenient selection of high-grade quality sponges to use on different applications. This selection of sponges is designed for the professional and provides high absorption, quick clean up, power scouring, ideal grip and well above average durability.

Sponge Chart.png

Electroplated Marble Blade

Delivers an extremely clean cut in marble and ceramic tile. Reduces chipping versus a segmented or turbo blade.