Ductile Iron

Diamond Blade that is designed to provide a fast and smooth cut on ductile iron. It will cut 40–50% faster than an abrasive blade and provide a life equivalent to 50–80 abrasive wheels.



Unlike many other blades on the market, this is not a carbide tipped blade, but a vacuum bonded diamond. It will cut through a wide variety of materials including PVC, plastic, metal, wood roofs, steel studs and more.


Abrasive Cut Off Wheels

Our cut off wheels are available for use with metal, masonry and ductile. Due to the unique manufacturing process, we are also able to offer a combination wheel which will cut metal and masonry products. Contact one of our sales executives to determine which is best for your application.


Ring Saw Blade

Designed to provide superior cutting depth on a wide range of concrete materials including; concrete walls, concrete pipes, masonry materials and concrete with reinforcements. Preferred in demolition and rescue work.