Multi-Purpose Contractor

Buy one blade to cut 13 different materials. Find out why contractors all over the country have found this blade to be the most versatile blade on the market. It features a .125" high tempered steel core, with air cooling holes to prevent warping or wobbling.

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Cougar Professional

Our high performance concrete series blade. Features a unique tear drop opening to prevent premature segment loss when cutting reinforced concrete. Due to the alternating segment design this blade delivers a 30% faster cut compared to a standard segmented blade. It is laser welded so you can run it wet or dry and never have to worry about segment loss.


Sabre Tooth

Featuring the largest laser welded diamond segment in the industry. The super-sized 15mm diamond segment delivers an unrivaled blade life in hard concrete and other masonry materials. Every other segment is turbo style to deliver faster cutting speeds. Provides a longer life on concrete and masonry material.

Sabre Tooth Chart.png