Twister Wet Core Bits

Engineered to core through heavily reinforced concrete. A 10mm high laser welded turbo style segment cores faster than a standard segment without compromising the life of the core bit. The self starting lead angle segment eliminates wobbling in the initial stage of drilling. Features a standard 14" drilling depth. A supreme quality core bit with high diamond concentration allows this core bit to be extremely cost effective and reliable. All core bits 2" and larger come with a standard 1 1/4 - 7 thread. Under 2" are 5/8 - 11 arbor.


Twister Dry Core Bits

We are proud to offer the most versatile dust free coring system on the market today.The turbo segments allow up to 30% faster cutting. Due to the high quality bond and diamonds used to make our dry segment core bits, they can withstand RPM ranges from 900 to 5,500. Adapters and extensions are also available.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 1.34.15 PM.png
  • Facilitates faster, more effective drilling in most materials
  • Dust free drilling with dry diamond drills
  • Efficient water supply with wet diamond drills
  • Robust and durable sealed bearing unit
  • Easy universal connection to most vacuum units and water supply

Extensions and Adaptors