Experience the ELITE MAX Advantage


Cougar Elite Pro Concrete Walk Behind

The Cougar Elite Pro Series provides the ultimate cutting experience for the most demanding professional concrete cutter.

Elite Max Technology delivers a 30% to 80% faster increase in effectively cutting medium hard to hard cured concrete.

Laser-Welded 12MM segments of the highest-grade DeBeer's diamonds provides a substantial increase in blade life, ranging up to 50% compared to most brands.

Elite Max's pyramid arrangement of diamonds is the most effective on the market. A step above the rest.

Diamond Positioning on each segment

Elite Max Technology utilizes a special pattern and innovative design on every segment. Top quality DeBeer diamonds are positioned evenly in 3 dimensions creating an overlapping effect that allows the next layers of quality diamonds to gradually become exposed. The second layers of diamonds are exposed while the first layer is still cutting giving you maximum cutting speed, and maximum blade life,… The Elite Max Advantage.


Cougar Supreme Concrete Walk Behind

Designed to be used on a high power walk behind saw up to 72 HP. Our supreme grade diamond is proven to effectively cut medium to medium-hard cured concrete and delivering a longer blade life. Laser welded segments prevent segment loss and allows blade to be used wet or dry.



Cougar Premium Walk Behind

Designed for professional contractors who are seeking optimum performance. This blade can be used with a high power walk behind saw up to 35 HP. For use on a wide range of applications: floors, walkways, parking lots, highways, loading docks and city streets. Laser welded up to 30".



Puma Professional Asphalt

This blade is designed and engineered for a high horsepower walk behind saw from 35–72 HP. Our high grade diamond concentration will provide maximum performance when cutting abrasive aggregate asphalt. Laser welded up to 30".