Tiger Premium Tuck Point

Designed for removing mortar between brick and block. Features a 10mm segment for a lower cost per cut.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 1.03.45 PM.png

Tiger Pro Tuck

Tiger tuck is designed with versatility and speed in mind. The shorter segment design allows this tuck to cut virtually all mortar types. It will deliver a faster cut on both hard and soft mortars. We have put a full 12mm segment on this tuck to give the contractor and outstanding tool life and low cost per cut.


Duplex∕Triplex Tuck Point

Instead of grinding the mortar joint, the duplex blade cuts the top and the bottom of the mortar joints. This allows for 30% faster stock removal, less wear on equipment and eliminates the rounding effect which is found in a standard tuck point blade.


Crack Chaser

Specifically designed to rout and widen cracks in concrete. A medium soft bond delivers a smooth cut and rapid stock removal.